New Gambler Guide

Answers to the most frequently asked questions asked before placing the first online wager.

Is Online gambling Legal?

There are presently no laws barring you from opening an account with an online casino, funding that account, and gambling over the internet. What the US government has done is made it illegal for online casinos to operate in the United States.Online casinos argue, however, that they are operating outside of the United States, and therefore the US has no jurisdiction over them.

How can I avoid a scam?

It’s easy for criminals to hide behind a clean and glossy site design while they strip their players of every penny. The scam routine is by now well-known — the customer service is flawless when a player makes a deposit, but as soon as it’s time to collect on that well-placed bet things go south: suddenly they’re unavailable. Emails go unanswered and hours turn into days turn into weeks. They may as well kiss their hard-earned cash goodbye. The best thing you can do to avoid falling into this trap is to stick with one of our recommended online casinos and research among them to find the one that feels right for you. The sites on our recommended list ALWAYS pay their winners. On time every time.

How can I protect my Financial information?

Credit card fraud is a hot topic these days with ever-increasing cases of identity theft being reported. With this in mind, it’s hard to feel comfortable providing your most protected financial information to a company you know next-to-nothing about. Again, the best protection we can offer is our advice based on experience. We have made numerous credit card deposits over the years with the online casinos we recommend and our information has always been safeguarded.

What’s the best way to fund an online casino account?

Decide in advance how you plan to send money to your online casino account. Today, with the increasing number of credit card transactions being declined for online gambling transactions, one must be prepared with alternate funding methods. We suggest Bitcoin. In the last couple years, Bitcoin has become the preferred online money transfer service for the gaming industry and provides the quickest, cheapest and most secure way to transfer cash in and out of your wagering account. You simply buy Bitcoin, and then send it to the online casino where it will be exchanged back into dollars and transferred to your player account. Buying and sending Bitcoin are done on coin exchanges. The most popular and trusted of these exchanges are,, and