Why Bitcoin? And How?

How to Easily Fund Your Casino Account with Bitcoin

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Decentralized blockchains. There’s a lot of new ideas about money floating around in the last few years, and they’ve gotten a lot of press recently, especially in reference to the meteoric rise in their value (and subsequent pullback). But whether you believe the hype that crptos are the future and will democratize money, one thing is for certain right now: Bitcoin is a quick, cheap, and private way to fund your online casino account. In this article we’ll show you why, and how easy it is in 8 simple steps.

First of All, What is Bitcoin?

Simply put: Bitcoin is a decentralized form of digital currency that is only governed by demand. No entity in the world can access and tax the funds because the very nature of Bitcoin is cryptocurrency. The worth continues to skyrocket. As of this writing, one Bitcoin is currently valued at over $8,000 per coin. So purchasing them is not only safe, but Bitcoin can make money by itself.

The Benefits of Bitcoin

Understanding Bitcoin is worthless without knowing what it does and how to use it. Bitcoin is essentially the best way to fund your online casino account for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few:
  • Anonymous transactions.
  • Decentralized and untaxable currency.
  • Withdrawals within 20 minutes (versus up to 72 hours for debit/credit).
  • No limit restrictions in the casino (daily/amount).
  • Cryptocurrency is the most secure payment that exists.
The demand for Bitcoin is increasing by the day. So not only is it the easiest way to fund your online casino account, it can make you rich without trying.

Funding Your Casino Account

Setting up Bitcoin is not as difficult as it sounds. However, there is a step-by-step process that must be made prior to getting your game on. Here’s the quickest and easiest way to set up your virtual wallet:

Step #1

You will need to sign-up on two sites: Coinbase and Blockchain. Coinbase is like your bank and Blockchain is like your wallet. Make sure to add your phone number to both for double authentication and protection.

Step #2

Enter your bank account information. If you need to make instant purchases, you will need to link your debit card at this time as well.

Step #3

Next, you can purchase your Bitcoin. It’s best to type in the amount you want to spend, rather than the number of coins. The system will do the math. Click “buy” and “confirm” to make the purchase.

Step #4

Now it’s time to send your bitcoin to Blockchain (your digital wallet). In the upper-right hand of your Blockchain dashboard is where you will find “wallet.” Click the green button to create your free wallet on Blockchain.

Step #5

You will be given a mnemonic phrase as your key. This is like your pin number. Keep it safe and never lose it. If you do, you will be out the cash.

Step #6

After confirming your password, you will be given your Blockchain wallet address. This is what you use to put Bitcoin in and out of your wallet. You can now paste this into Coinbase to transfer funds to your wallet.

Step #7

At this time, you will need to wait 15-20 minutes for the transaction to be confirmed. Once it is confirmed, you can now send your Bitcoin to your favorite online casino that accepts it.

Step #8

To send money to a casino, click “send money” in Blockchain and paste your wallet address to the casino payment page. Some will provide the address in your cashier, while others may provide it via e-mail. It’s as simple as that. Now you can play any of your favorite online casino games without having to worry about where your funds will go. Although American laws allow online gambling, banks are restricted from funding them. So, it is up to you, the savvy gamer, to not only protect your funds, but find the right place to put them.