Slotland Customer Hits $200000 Jackpot

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor
April 1, 2009

      user, “FORGOMO” recently won the online casino’s largest progressive jackpot of $200,111. The divorced father of two, from London, England, had taken a three year hiatus from playing at Slotland only to win over $1,000 in less than 15 minutes.

                “Of course, I can hardly wait to tease my kids next weekend when they come over,” he commented. “I have a feeling that I will be able to take a lot of ribbing from them on any losing streak I might have in the future!”

                For FORGOMO, the jackpot was a refreshing change in his luck after a few years of misfortune. “The last couple of years have bot been very lucky for me,” said the divorcee. “About 2 years ago, I went through a messy divorce. I couldn’t afford to play the slots for awhile. Then I went through a much needed job change and was finally able to go back to Slotland for some fun.”

                An initial deposit of $200 turned into $1,000 in less than 15 minutes while playing his favorite online slots games, Heavy Metal.

                “This is one machine you can’t just spin without thinking,” said FORGOMO, referring to Heavy Metal. “It has all these little quirky elements, such as random hold options, which just add to the fun and excitement. I always feel like I’m playing something of a skill game, by carefully reading through the last tree spins to see what else I might be able to win.

                “I remember relaxing with my coffee and slowly spinning each round, even daydreaming a bit about what I should do that evening, when suddenly it happened. I ended up winning it by holding two Triple 7 symbols on line C and watching the third Triple 7 symbol end my spin. It took me a moment to actually register that the huge amount in my bankroll was from the jackpot, but once it did I just stared for the longest time, shaking my head and laughing uncontrollably!”

                Heavy Metal is a three-wheel, four payline slot game where each payline has a bet placed on it that can win. It is the first online slot machine which allows customers to place bets on their game history, and it therefore requires some degree of skill, unlike other slots games. Winnings are based on the symbols on each payline and the amount that is wagered on a line. Symbol combinations can be viewed from the last three spins.

       is compatible with Windows, Mac and WebTV users as well as mobile phone users with internet access. The online casino offers thirteen unique online slots games and three video poker games. The current jackpot has reached $79,143 and can be had with a single spin. Slotland is home to over one hundred thousand users and is continuing to grow. Users are given a chance to win $500 every week with sign up. All of Slotland’s slots and video poker games available via mobile phone feature the same jackpot pools.

       accepts U.S. wagers and is available in English and Spanish.

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