Cryptologic Offers Call of Duty Themed Slots Game

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor
April 9, 2009

               CryptoLogic Limited, a popular online casino brand and software provider, announced a lineup of new online casino games that will feature popular gaming theme, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Additionally, Millionaires Club III, Samba Nights, Reel in the Cash and Penguins in Paradise, Double Deck Blackjack, renewed versions of Single Deck and Progressive Blackjack have all been made available to players at, and

                The Call of Duty 4 slots game is based on the best-selling, first person shooter video gaming that has sold more than 12 million copies. It is a 25 payline slot games with sleek graphics, smooth animation and sound effects that will be familiar to any fan of the game. As part of a bonus of the slots game, the software provider has included an interactive round where players become SAS soldiers and terminate enemies to win free games and prizes.

                The highly anticipated Millionaires Club III is the latest addition of Cryptologic’s record-breaking slots game that offers a number of bonus rounds to earn cash prized. The series has in the past resulted in some of the largest jackpots in the online casino industry – including a world record win of $8 million two years ago. The new version offers 20 paylines that trigger a bonus game when three or more logos appear. Players must find three jackpot tokens to enter the jackpot round.

                “With this launch, CryptoLogic demonstrates its ability to create innovation in the online slot category through unique spin mechanisms and functionality – while always staying true to the essence of every brand,” said Cryptologic Vice President, Justin Thouin. “This demonstrates why Cryptologic is the partner of choice to the world’s largest entertainment brands.”

Casino Tropez Offers Easter Specials

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor
April 7, 2009

               Popular online casino brand, Casino Tropez, announced its Easter promo, which will allow users to search for the “golden egg” to win a free bonus. As part of the Easter bonus offering, Casino Tropez is offering users 15 percent unlimited reloads on all deposits.

                The golden egg will be sent to one lucky user in a promotional e-mail, which can then be redeemed for a cash bonus. Additionally, Casino Tropez is holding its Elite Challenge which allows users to win big cash prizes by entering regularly scheduled live casino tournaments. This will be the first and only video poker tournament on Casino Tropez that provides real time updates for players to check their rankings periodically. Customers must have a real money account to participate in the challenge, offered by a number of sister online casinos run by Playtech: Casino Bellini, Vegas Red, Titan Casino, Casino Tropez Mobile, Europa Casino, Casino Del Rio, Casino Tropez, and Cameo Casino.

                The top wagerer in the $8,000 guaranteed Elite Challenge Tournament will bring home $1,000. The second place winner through the seventh place winners will receive $500 each, the eight place winner through the twenty-first place winners will receive $100 each and the twenty-second through the seventy-third place winners will receive $50.

                “The current global financial situation has forced many people to curb their spending habits, and that includes social spending,” opined Casino Manager at Casino Tropez, Renee Pascale. “However, with websites such as Facebook and Twitter having become central socializing platforms, we recognize that we too can offer a more social aspect to online gambling through our Chat feature.”

                Potential registrants with Casino Tropez may contact live support for “even better offers,” and may track their position in the tournament at The promotion is valid from Thursday, April 9th through Sunday, April 12th at 11:59PM, casino time. Players are asked to wager the automatic bonus plus the amount of the deposit a minimum of forty times, wager their Elite Challenge bonus forty times, and visit for additional details.

                Casino Tropez was established in 2002 under Imperial E-Club Limited and the laws of Antigua and Barbuda. The software at Casino Tropez was developed and is maintained by Playtech, a leading software provider in the online casino industry. Over 100 online casino games are available in both online (flash and full flash platforms) and mobile phone format. Customer care is available around the clock via e-mail, telephone and live chat. Customers may contact support representatives and inquire about more bonus offerings.

                Casino Tropez is a world leading online casino with an established reputation for providing its players with the “ultimate online gambling experience,” with a $3,000 welcome bonus. It offers slots games, craps, online roulette, blackjack, video poker, slots machines, Keno and casino poker. In the past it has won awards for being the best internet casino with better odds than any land based casino. It is traded as the flagship brand of the Playtech group under PTEC and LSE.

                Casino Tropez accepts U.S. wagers and is available in 15 languages.

Slotland Customer Hits $200000 Jackpot

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor
April 1, 2009

      user, “FORGOMO” recently won the online casino’s largest progressive jackpot of $200,111. The divorced father of two, from London, England, had taken a three year hiatus from playing at Slotland only to win over $1,000 in less than 15 minutes.

                “Of course, I can hardly wait to tease my kids next weekend when they come over,” he commented. “I have a feeling that I will be able to take a lot of ribbing from them on any losing streak I might have in the future!”

                For FORGOMO, the jackpot was a refreshing change in his luck after a few years of misfortune. “The last couple of years have bot been very lucky for me,” said the divorcee. “About 2 years ago, I went through a messy divorce. I couldn’t afford to play the slots for awhile. Then I went through a much needed job change and was finally able to go back to Slotland for some fun.”

                An initial deposit of $200 turned into $1,000 in less than 15 minutes while playing his favorite online slots games, Heavy Metal.

                “This is one machine you can’t just spin without thinking,” said FORGOMO, referring to Heavy Metal. “It has all these little quirky elements, such as random hold options, which just add to the fun and excitement. I always feel like I’m playing something of a skill game, by carefully reading through the last tree spins to see what else I might be able to win.

                “I remember relaxing with my coffee and slowly spinning each round, even daydreaming a bit about what I should do that evening, when suddenly it happened. I ended up winning it by holding two Triple 7 symbols on line C and watching the third Triple 7 symbol end my spin. It took me a moment to actually register that the huge amount in my bankroll was from the jackpot, but once it did I just stared for the longest time, shaking my head and laughing uncontrollably!”

                Heavy Metal is a three-wheel, four payline slot game where each payline has a bet placed on it that can win. It is the first online slot machine which allows customers to place bets on their game history, and it therefore requires some degree of skill, unlike other slots games. Winnings are based on the symbols on each payline and the amount that is wagered on a line. Symbol combinations can be viewed from the last three spins.

       is compatible with Windows, Mac and WebTV users as well as mobile phone users with internet access. The online casino offers thirteen unique online slots games and three video poker games. The current jackpot has reached $79,143 and can be had with a single spin. Slotland is home to over one hundred thousand users and is continuing to grow. Users are given a chance to win $500 every week with sign up. All of Slotland’s slots and video poker games available via mobile phone feature the same jackpot pools.

       accepts U.S. wagers and is available in English and Spanish.

Former 888 Software Developer Launches Charitable Gaming Website

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor
March 5, 2009

               While there are many professional online gamblers, the majority of those who play at an online casino play for fun. Assi Isac, a former development manager with internet casino website 888, has started a casino where users give back while playing games on the internet. Isac’s idea is to turn the profits that would normally go to the gambler at home to benefit American philanthropies.

                Isac began to develop an online casino gambling software in 2006, which he has aptly named GoGiving. Isac and two others invested $600,000 in order to launch the user-version of the online casino this week, which he says should be up and running within the next few months. Isac, CEO at GoGiving, is currently working with various charity organizations to gather registrations for the site.

                Isac says that private investors are currently “psychologically frozen,” but that he and his company presented the idea to a room of entrepreneurs at Bootcamp Ventures where he received a number of promising inquiries. Bootcamp Ventures is an organization in Israeli designed to provide new businesses with the investing opportunities needed to launch an enterprise.

                “GoGiving is a fundraising platform for registered NGOs, combining two of the fastest growing markets in the online industry – online gambling and online charities,” said Isac. “Today when you donate $2 by SMS, more than 50 percent of this money goes to other companies, and most goes to the ones in the middle. This is an outrage.”

                Isac says that while his company will operate for profit, he promises to collect a substantially smaller commission on the money donated to charity through his online casino. Funds will be distributed by members when playing multi-user online casino games against other members. “We will be a central gateway, and audited by an external source like Ernst & Young or Pricewaterhouse Coopers” he explained.

                The gamers that lose cash to other players will have a portion of their losses sent to a charity of the winning player’s choice. The games on GoGiving are said to be very competitive, and any earnings or donations made are tax deductible in the United States and wherever the software is installed.

                “It’s a whole new attitude,” said Isac. “We want to concentrate on people around the world. We’ll be asking users: Who did you donate to and why?

                “For the first time, NGOs will get premium services to access potential donors. Normally donors spend less than a minute on a website. Now they’ll be spending a lot more time, with the GoGiving games and the community. This is the perfect time to offer them exclusive and targeting information.”

                While the site has been launched, the games are not yet available to potential users. Isac and his team, instead, have provided information for needy charitable organizations. There is a notice posted on the website, which prompts nonprofit organizations in the U.S. to join he beta program by contacting the GoGiving team at

                For more information, users may contact Isac or his team members at

Barriere Interactive Gaming Releases Online Casino for Video Game Consoles

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor
March 4, 2009

               Barrier Interactive Gaming, a leading online casino software provider, has announced that it is in the final developmental stages of an online casino product that will be available for video game consoles, such as the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation Portable (PSP) and the Xbox. The game, set for release by the end of March, will allow video gamblers to play online casino games from their television sets, or from portable devices other than mobile phones.

                Microsoft and Sony have not yet confirmed that said game will be available on the PlayStation consoles or the Xbox, due to the highly controversial issue of internet casino gambling which would now be more accessible for underage gamblers.

                Barriere Interactive is licensed by the European Lotteries and Gaming Authority in Malta, and currently accepts players from countries that do not have geographical restrictions on internet casino gambling, which is the majority of the European Union and the UK.

                Barriere Interactive is most notorious for its recent launch of the first fully 3D online casino which is set for this month and will include games such as slots machines, blackjack, video poker and roulette among others. Players will design their character, down to the dress code and physical appearance and are able to chat with other players. The casino is being called the PKR of online casinos, but it mostly resembles a video game console environment. Most video gaming systems are capable of internet access, and sportsbooks exist where players can bet against each other when playing the games for them.

                The company has been in talks with Sony and Microsoft about the potential of releasing the casino software on the PS3 and Xbox. Barriere Interactive Gaming CEO Jonathon Stock was asked about the potential partnership, answering, “Yes. I can’t mention a name but one of the two you just mentioned, we’re in very active discussions with.”

Up to $100 Free at Bodog This Month

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor
February 24, 2009

               Bodog is running a special promotion until the end of this month, where its participants can earn up to an $100 bonus. By entering the special promo code, FEBRUARY, the online casino will match 100% of a deposit made this month up to $100.

                A number of Bodog users have hit the jackpot this month, including George E. of Texas who won $34,671 playing Cleopatra’s Gold, Michael M. of New York who won $25,640 for playing Bonus Deuces Wild, Tony W. of Florida who won $24,758 playing Keno, and many others.

                There’s a little something for anyone choosing to take advantage of the February bonus. The table games at Bodog Casino include blackjack, baccarat, Caribbean Hold’em, Caribbean Stud, craps, American Roulette, European Roulette, Let ‘Em Ride, Pai Gow poker, Tri-Card Poker and three-card Rummy. Bodog additionally has a wide selection of slots games such as Aztec’s Treasure, Caesar’s Empire, Cleopatra’s Gold, Crystal Waters, Derby Dollars, Diamond Dozen, Dirty Martini, Food Fight, Fruit Frenzy, Goldbeard and Lion’s Lair to name a few. There are a number specialty games and video poker games as well. This month’s featured table game is bacarrat.

                “Each of us at Bodog believes that the player is the most important part of the Casino. Everything we do – from our expert customer service to our certified software – reflects the appreciation we have for every member of the Bodog Nation,” reads a description on the website.

Wink Bingo Promotes Good Health

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor
February 20, 2009

            Online casino and bingo room, Wink Bingo, has announced its Wink Fit promotion, wherein it will promote a healthier lifestyle for its players. The promotion will take place on Sunday, March 1.


            “We at Wink Bingo would like our online bingo players to maintain a healthy lifestyle,” said a spokesperson for Wink Bingo, Greg Dear. “These values are important to use so we have decided to have a bingo tournament to recognize this.



            Recent studies show that online casino players are less likely to dedicate enough time to a fit an active lifestyle. Because much of their time is spent indoors, online casino players rarely watch their diet or exercise as much as they should. The Wink Fit program is designed to raise awareness of this issue. The promotion has received a great deal of attention from the media, not only because of its large cash prize but also because of the values that it supports. It marks one of the few instances in which a casino promotes health benefits more than its bonus offering.


            “Life is about moderation and we want our bingo players to know there is more to life than bingo. Saying that, we have received a tremendous amount of interest in this competition and those who haven’t yet purchased their tickets should do so to avoid missing out,” Dear concluded.


            The first player to complete his card will win the prize. Ticjets can be purchased at Wink Bingo for GBP 1.


Lucien Barriere to Launch the First Fully 3D Casino

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor
February 11, 2009

                Lucien Barriere, a brand of hotels and casinos, has announced that it will launch an unprecedented addition to the online casino market. LeCroupier will soon open its doors to the UK, offering the world’s first full 3D online casino. The website will include a number of casino games in an interactive, 3D playing environment. While many in the gaming sector offer a 3D environment, this marks a first for internet casino gambling.

                “ is set to provide a brand new way to play online,” said a company spokesperson. “Whether players are looking for a little entertainment of genuine 3D casino gaming, they will find it at – creating their own virtual characters from a series of life-like avatars in a ‘dressing room’ area. Using their avatars, players will then be able to look around the casino, talk to other players while at the tables and play a few games of roulette and blackjack or even try their luck on the slots.”

                According to the company, the online casino will mirror its land casinos, developed as an exact replica of the world-famous casino in Deauville, France. LeCroupier is owned by Lucien Barrier Hotels and is expected to open for business in the UK later this year. Users will be able to chat with other players while perusing the casino.

                “Whatever players find in the casino in Deauville, they will find in – from the plush furnishings and classly clientele to the range and quality of casino games on the main floor,” the spokesperson continued.

                “With our 47-year heritage in managing 40 land-based casinos, is uniquely positioned to provide the best online casino in the market,” said Jon Strock, Chief Operating Officer for  “With the first truly 3D online casino, featuring life-like avatars and the possibility to interact with other players, we are confident that will be the next generation in online casinos.”

                The casino is dedicated to bringing players the closest to a live gaming experience as possible while playing online. It is expected to generate a large customer base when it goes live. The developers have used next-generation technologies, generally found in mainstream video games to design the casino. The company has said that a 2D version of the game will also be available to old school gamers. The casino is powered by Barriere Interactive Gaming, a subsidiary of Lucien Barriere Hotels and Casinos.

       is scheduled for release in March, although the exact date is not certain. The company plans, in the future, to offer online poker and sports betting, and all of its wagering opportunities on a mobile platform by 2009. A “for cash” version will only be released in the UK, where online casinos are given clear legal permission. A “just for fun” version is expected to launch for residents of other countries and will only be made available for individuals of 18 years of age.

Reports Show Higher Appearance of Casino Bots

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor
February 6, 2009

              Online casino operators have had a number of obstacles to overcome in running a licensed and regulated industry. Like any other website that processes an individual’s financial information, internet casinos have become a target for cyberfraud and hackers. According to an article published in SC magazine, a media outlet dedicated to internet and IT security, a number of hackers have begun implemented bots disguised as players to foresee the odds in slots payout systems.

                Information is pilfered from a number of scammer and “web-scraping” techniques that allow hackers to predict when a wager is more likely to turn a profit. The bots used are very similar to live player script and are therefore difficult for anti-collusion and bot-detection software to detect in online casinos.

                “The hacker can use the bot to manipulate the odds to improve the winning margin,” said Guri Geva, regional director for Radware at Israel, Northern Europe and the UK. “It can also measure times so it can hit the site when it is at its busiest, going as undetected as possible.”

                As IT technology advances, so too does the techniques discovered by internet hackers, and Geva predicts a major increase in the complexity of cyberfraud schemes. As such, he has suggested that online casino operators take measures to fully monitor and analyze player behavior in transparent real time. With the online casino industry expected to increase to a $125 billion market by 2015, it is sure to become a more common target for virtual pirates and malware.

                “Webscraping is going on all the time,” said Geva. “It can steal information from a website, put the details on to another and redirect people to it. This can lead to fraud and even phishing, you could blacklist IP addresses but that would require a lot of time.”

                With the increase of bot-usage, the online casino community is concerned that the issue may affect the way internet gambling is voted on in future legislation. One of the more active arguments against internet gambling is the risk it involves, including the ability for users to cheat using computer software.

                The rising rates of attempted fraud should alerts governments that have currently criminalized online casino gambling, however, as it illustrates the need for heightened security and closer monitoring of the gambling establishments. While casino gamblers from several restricted locations continue to gambling in unlicensed and unregulated facilities, the appearance of bots may become all too common.

                With issues like the Ultimate Bet scandal, where an employee had used software to view the hole cards of other poker players, a more strict set of guidelines would seem to be the best option in preventing online casino fraud.

                Advocates continue to fight for the legalization of online casino gambling in the U.S., with pressure groups and representatives like Barney Frank that continue to propose legislation in its favor. It is still uncertain what the Obama administration’s stance is on internet gambling, but many hope a democratic majority may be easier to sway – especially in times of a global economic crisis.

Internet Casinos Criticized in Australia for Bonus Offerings

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor
February 3, 2009

        With any online casino, users are offered a sign-up or welcome bonus. While the is the norm in the internet gambling industry, Australian online casinos have taken heat for offered millions of dollars in free bets to drive in a customer base. The country has currently placed a ban on poker machine venues offering such bonuses to players and is in the planning stages of implementing “safe cards” to limit the amount of money spent on gambling.
        The moral majority was none too happy with recent online casino offerings, however. An internet gambling website, Centrebet e-mailed 13,000 users in Queensland to notify them of a $10 bonus offer with a renewal on membership cards. Additionally, Sportingbet in Australia offered users free wagers of up to $200, Betfair offered $50 in free wagers to tennis punters and Sports Acumen offered $50. Although this is regular practice with any online casino, the recent promos have caused concern that it will add to problem gambling in the country.

         The argument has always existed that an extra incentive to gamble online will lead to problem gambling, especially in times of economic turmoil. Anti-gambling activist, Senator Xenophon, has asked that the Australian government ban online casino bonuses – an extreme measure and potential blow to the industry.
         Campaigning for “social justice,” Reverend Tim Costello has asked that research be conducted as to the extent of problem gambling caused by internet casinos, noting that over $5 million was lost to state gambling every day last year. Costello adds, “It’s like saying to an alcoholic, here’s a free drink… There is no question that it is dangerous. I think it’s wrong.” It can be said that this is an unfair generalization – in that all online gamblers are gaming addicts or that it is an unfair or that no venue provides free alcohol in Australia.

         Costello has been involved in a number of protests against social vices, including alcoholism and drug abuse. He is a member of Baptist World Aid, the Australian Earth Charter Committee, the Interchurch Gambling Taskforce and the Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Foundation. Costello has also spoken in favor of fun control in Australia. He has won the Australian Peace Prize awarded by the Peace Organization of Australia. Costello has commented in the past that “gambling should be something that you are forced to jump a few hurdles to go and do,” a mantra that contradicts the free betting opportunities of internet casinos.

         The attempts to ban internet casino offerings have so far been to no avail, as Australian gamers continue to cash in on free wagers. Additionally, many internet gambling companies have been given permission to advertise such bonuses in Victoria and NSW. Betfair, an online casino, sports book and poker room, was the first sponsor in history of the Victorian horse races.