Wink Bingo Promotes Good Health

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor
February 20, 2009

            Online casino and bingo room, Wink Bingo, has announced its Wink Fit promotion, wherein it will promote a healthier lifestyle for its players. The promotion will take place on Sunday, March 1.


            “We at Wink Bingo would like our online bingo players to maintain a healthy lifestyle,” said a spokesperson for Wink Bingo, Greg Dear. “These values are important to use so we have decided to have a bingo tournament to recognize this.



            Recent studies show that online casino players are less likely to dedicate enough time to a fit an active lifestyle. Because much of their time is spent indoors, online casino players rarely watch their diet or exercise as much as they should. The Wink Fit program is designed to raise awareness of this issue. The promotion has received a great deal of attention from the media, not only because of its large cash prize but also because of the values that it supports. It marks one of the few instances in which a casino promotes health benefits more than its bonus offering.


            “Life is about moderation and we want our bingo players to know there is more to life than bingo. Saying that, we have received a tremendous amount of interest in this competition and those who haven’t yet purchased their tickets should do so to avoid missing out,” Dear concluded.


            The first player to complete his card will win the prize. Ticjets can be purchased at Wink Bingo for GBP 1.


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