Cryptologic Offers Call of Duty Themed Slots Game

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor
April 9, 2009

               CryptoLogic Limited, a popular online casino brand and software provider, announced a lineup of new online casino games that will feature popular gaming theme, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Additionally, Millionaires Club III, Samba Nights, Reel in the Cash and Penguins in Paradise, Double Deck Blackjack, renewed versions of Single Deck and Progressive Blackjack have all been made available to players at, and

                The Call of Duty 4 slots game is based on the best-selling, first person shooter video gaming that has sold more than 12 million copies. It is a 25 payline slot games with sleek graphics, smooth animation and sound effects that will be familiar to any fan of the game. As part of a bonus of the slots game, the software provider has included an interactive round where players become SAS soldiers and terminate enemies to win free games and prizes.

                The highly anticipated Millionaires Club III is the latest addition of Cryptologic’s record-breaking slots game that offers a number of bonus rounds to earn cash prized. The series has in the past resulted in some of the largest jackpots in the online casino industry – including a world record win of $8 million two years ago. The new version offers 20 paylines that trigger a bonus game when three or more logos appear. Players must find three jackpot tokens to enter the jackpot round.

                “With this launch, CryptoLogic demonstrates its ability to create innovation in the online slot category through unique spin mechanisms and functionality – while always staying true to the essence of every brand,” said Cryptologic Vice President, Justin Thouin. “This demonstrates why Cryptologic is the partner of choice to the world’s largest entertainment brands.”

Barney Frank to Reintroduce H.R. 2046

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor
April 8, 2009

               While online casino gamblers have expressed a great deal of frustration with Congressman Barney Frank for having delayed the reintroduction of his bill that would repeal the UIGEA (Unlwaful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act), the Chairman of the US House Financial Services Committee told Gaming Intelligence that he will again propose the legislation.

                “Continuing his efforts to dismantle the anti-online gaming legislation passed by the Bush Administration, Congressman Barney Frank will introduce a bill which would establish a licensing and regulatory framework for online gambling operators before the end of April as a standalone bill,” the newspaper read.

                While the UIGEA was tacked onto the Safe Port Act of 2006, Frank told the newspaper that the Gaming Regulation and Enforcement Act (H.R. 2046), would be a standalone bill. Experts feel that this may make the bill’s passing more difficult, but Frank told the press that it would be ‘inappropriate’ to practice the same methods of the Republicans that passed the UIGEA.

                “That is not my intention. It would be a mistake. I want to do this with hearings, discussions and votes,” said Frank.

                “We welcome the standalone bill, which would allow for a thorough discussion of all the issues relating to regulations and consumer protections,” said Jeffrey Sandman, spokesman for the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative which supports Frank’s efforts. “The excitement over Congressman Frank’s bill that it would create an environment that would protect American consumers and include safeguards against underage gambling and compulsive gambling, which don’t exist right now.”

                Frank first introduced the bill to Congress in April of 2007, where it was co-sponsored by 48 other U.S. representatives, but was not able to move out of committee and earn a floor vote in the House.

                “After the break, definitely in April,” said Frank when he was asked when he will introduce the bill again.

Casino Tropez Offers Easter Specials

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor
April 7, 2009

               Popular online casino brand, Casino Tropez, announced its Easter promo, which will allow users to search for the “golden egg” to win a free bonus. As part of the Easter bonus offering, Casino Tropez is offering users 15 percent unlimited reloads on all deposits.

                The golden egg will be sent to one lucky user in a promotional e-mail, which can then be redeemed for a cash bonus. Additionally, Casino Tropez is holding its Elite Challenge which allows users to win big cash prizes by entering regularly scheduled live casino tournaments. This will be the first and only video poker tournament on Casino Tropez that provides real time updates for players to check their rankings periodically. Customers must have a real money account to participate in the challenge, offered by a number of sister online casinos run by Playtech: Casino Bellini, Vegas Red, Titan Casino, Casino Tropez Mobile, Europa Casino, Casino Del Rio, Casino Tropez, and Cameo Casino.

                The top wagerer in the $8,000 guaranteed Elite Challenge Tournament will bring home $1,000. The second place winner through the seventh place winners will receive $500 each, the eight place winner through the twenty-first place winners will receive $100 each and the twenty-second through the seventy-third place winners will receive $50.

                “The current global financial situation has forced many people to curb their spending habits, and that includes social spending,” opined Casino Manager at Casino Tropez, Renee Pascale. “However, with websites such as Facebook and Twitter having become central socializing platforms, we recognize that we too can offer a more social aspect to online gambling through our Chat feature.”

                Potential registrants with Casino Tropez may contact live support for “even better offers,” and may track their position in the tournament at The promotion is valid from Thursday, April 9th through Sunday, April 12th at 11:59PM, casino time. Players are asked to wager the automatic bonus plus the amount of the deposit a minimum of forty times, wager their Elite Challenge bonus forty times, and visit for additional details.

                Casino Tropez was established in 2002 under Imperial E-Club Limited and the laws of Antigua and Barbuda. The software at Casino Tropez was developed and is maintained by Playtech, a leading software provider in the online casino industry. Over 100 online casino games are available in both online (flash and full flash platforms) and mobile phone format. Customer care is available around the clock via e-mail, telephone and live chat. Customers may contact support representatives and inquire about more bonus offerings.

                Casino Tropez is a world leading online casino with an established reputation for providing its players with the “ultimate online gambling experience,” with a $3,000 welcome bonus. It offers slots games, craps, online roulette, blackjack, video poker, slots machines, Keno and casino poker. In the past it has won awards for being the best internet casino with better odds than any land based casino. It is traded as the flagship brand of the Playtech group under PTEC and LSE.

                Casino Tropez accepts U.S. wagers and is available in 15 languages.

Visitation in Las Vegas Drops 8 Percent

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor
April 3, 2009

                The land casino market continues to diminish, unlike that of its online casino counterparts. According to the Las Vegas Gaming Wire, the discounts that Las Vegas resorts have begun to offer customers has helped attract tourist but not to maintain visitation this year as the figures dropped 8 percent in February to 2.8 million people.

                The numbers, taken from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, show a declining industry – illustrated in the increasing number of closing casinos and gambling resorts filing for bankruptcy.

                “You can’t just sit there and wait for tourism to go back up,” said Michael Crandall, director of business affairs for the Siegel Group. Despite the economic downturn and losses in consumer base, Crandall’s casinos are undergoing several million dollars worth of renovations. “Is it scary out there? Yeah, but it’s not going to slow us down.”

                The occupancy rate in Las Vegas for February was 83.9 percent, down 5.5 percent from the same period in 2008 and the lowest rate since 1991 when there were 75,000 rooms available as compared to 140,729 vacancies in 2008. The rates for rooms decreased 22.9 percent to $99.25 from $128.80 last year.

                Even convention attendance has decreased from previous years, dropping 34.8 percent to 583,168. “Part of it we think is the perception issue we had,” said Kevin Bagger, director of Internet marketing and research for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. “It is hard to separate that from other things.”

RewardsAffiliates Offers 60 Percent Commission Throughout April

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor
April 2, 2009

         Online casino affiliates may wish to sign with, which has offered to pay an impressive 60 percent commission on all new referrals to the group throughout the month of April. Casino Rewards offers a wide array of online casino websites, including Blackjack Ballroom, Casino Classic, Captain Cooks Casino, Golden Tiger Casino, UK Club Casino, Zodiac Casino, Golden Reef Casino, Lucky Emperor Casino, Challenge Casino, Virtual City Casino, Music Hall Casino, Nostalgia Casino, Yukon Gold Casino, Strike It Lucky Casino, Casino Kingdom, Aztec Riches Casino and Phoenician Casino.

                A 60 percent commission is nearly double the regular commission offered by the Rewards Affiliates Group and one of the highest rewards structures in the casino affiliate program market. Affiliates can sign up for a range of positions with the group, from blogging to gambling affiliate websites, linking banners by their own sites to refer customers to the Rewards group. When the player signs up, deposits, wins or loses with the respective casino, the affiliate will be rewarded with a commission payment.

       was named the Best Casino Affiliate Program in 2008 during the CAP awards and the Best Casino Affiliate Manager in January this year. The company offers its affiliates a high commission structure, marketing tools, monthly payouts and a 24/7 support team.  The services are offered English, Spanish and French.

                Casino Rewards was established in 2000 and is associated with some of the most reputable leading online casinos in the industry. 18 multilingual online casinos have signed with Casino Rewards and feature free play and sign up bonuses, over 300 video slots, table and card games and around the clock support in several languages.

                Last month, the team was joined by, giving the network more presence in the industry, and allowing the company to offer its 60 percent commission promo all throughout the month of April.

                Rewards Affiliates offers 35 percent commission at any other time during the year, lifetime partnership commissions, constantly updated marketing materials, a dedicated support team, no negative balance carryover, unlimited earning potential and 24/7 player support. With every sign up, affiliates earn $50 and commission is offered every trying that a player deposits 100 currency units in casinos or players 500 raked hands in poker rooms. The company also offers a Poker Rewards program that includes reputable online poker rooms Poker Rewards, Golden Tiger Poker, Captain Cooks Casino, Virtual City Poker, Aztec Riches Poker, GTCasino/Poker UK, GTCasino/Poker DK and GTCasino/Poker ES.

                Banners, Flash Banners, Emails, Text Links, Exit Pops, Direct Downloads and Casino Domain Parking are offered as part of Rewards Affiliates marketing tools. Customer support and affiliate coordinator and management representatives can be contacted via e-mail, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and ICQ Messenger at any time of the day.

                Interest participants may visit for more information.

Slotland Customer Hits $200000 Jackpot

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor
April 1, 2009

      user, “FORGOMO” recently won the online casino’s largest progressive jackpot of $200,111. The divorced father of two, from London, England, had taken a three year hiatus from playing at Slotland only to win over $1,000 in less than 15 minutes.

                “Of course, I can hardly wait to tease my kids next weekend when they come over,” he commented. “I have a feeling that I will be able to take a lot of ribbing from them on any losing streak I might have in the future!”

                For FORGOMO, the jackpot was a refreshing change in his luck after a few years of misfortune. “The last couple of years have bot been very lucky for me,” said the divorcee. “About 2 years ago, I went through a messy divorce. I couldn’t afford to play the slots for awhile. Then I went through a much needed job change and was finally able to go back to Slotland for some fun.”

                An initial deposit of $200 turned into $1,000 in less than 15 minutes while playing his favorite online slots games, Heavy Metal.

                “This is one machine you can’t just spin without thinking,” said FORGOMO, referring to Heavy Metal. “It has all these little quirky elements, such as random hold options, which just add to the fun and excitement. I always feel like I’m playing something of a skill game, by carefully reading through the last tree spins to see what else I might be able to win.

                “I remember relaxing with my coffee and slowly spinning each round, even daydreaming a bit about what I should do that evening, when suddenly it happened. I ended up winning it by holding two Triple 7 symbols on line C and watching the third Triple 7 symbol end my spin. It took me a moment to actually register that the huge amount in my bankroll was from the jackpot, but once it did I just stared for the longest time, shaking my head and laughing uncontrollably!”

                Heavy Metal is a three-wheel, four payline slot game where each payline has a bet placed on it that can win. It is the first online slot machine which allows customers to place bets on their game history, and it therefore requires some degree of skill, unlike other slots games. Winnings are based on the symbols on each payline and the amount that is wagered on a line. Symbol combinations can be viewed from the last three spins.

       is compatible with Windows, Mac and WebTV users as well as mobile phone users with internet access. The online casino offers thirteen unique online slots games and three video poker games. The current jackpot has reached $79,143 and can be had with a single spin. Slotland is home to over one hundred thousand users and is continuing to grow. Users are given a chance to win $500 every week with sign up. All of Slotland’s slots and video poker games available via mobile phone feature the same jackpot pools.

       accepts U.S. wagers and is available in English and Spanish.

Japanese High School Student Purchases Adult Bank Account to Play Online Casino Games

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor
March 31, 2009

                A 16 year-old Japanese college student was charged with having illegally obtained a bank account last week using an adult’s name so that he could play online casino games, according to Japanese police.

                “I wanted to have an account under an adult’s name to bet on Internet casino games and bicycle and boat races,” the teen told police officials.

                The boy, whose name is not given because of his age, allegedly purchase an internet bank account ID and password belonging to 41 year-old housewife in Aichi Prefecture in August for 17,000 yen. He searched online for a website that sold bank accounts offering to pay approximately 10,000 yen.

Because many online casinos have age restrictions put in place and require a form of valid identification (which sometimes can be provided in the form of a credit card), the teen could not gamble online until he had assumed the identity of an adult. In the UK for example, the average male is asked to prove his identity eleven times per year.  According to research, by 2010 Britons will be asked to produce ID, usually in the form of a passport, an average of 17 times per year, many times in registering with an online casino.

                The case was brought before the Tokyo Family Court under suspicions of a violation of a law that prevents the criminal transfer of finances. In July of 2007 the boy, who was then in 9th grade, registered to play online casino games using his mother’s credit card. After playing online casinos for some time, he managed to rack up nearly 1.3 million yen in gambling debts. After running out of money, he swindled three people out of a combined 700,000 yen promising to sell them online bank accounts.

                A recent survey by Trend Micro says that British teens may, for lack of “netiquette” be tempted to resort to illegal methods online to earn money. Out of 505 teens that were polled, ten percent thought it was either cool or funny to pretend to be another person while on the internet. One in seven teens, according to the study, said that they have assumed another identity on the internet. Four out of ten teens said that they have accessed another person’s online account to read e-mails, look at bank account details or view a social networking profile.

                Male subjects were reportedly more likely to hack into another person’s social networking profile, while females were more likely  to log into an online bank account to shop.

                This behavior may be coming from the parents, however, as Trend data also showed that one in three parents have hacked into another person’s online profile, including online banking information. The data, while based on just over 1,000 people, may not give a full representation of how the internet us being used by teens, but the percentage is nonetheless alarming.

                Researchers recommend that anyone in the same househould amongst teens should discuss cyber crime and set better examples in the way that they utilize the internet.

Toddler Left in Car While Father Gambled

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor
March 28, 2009

               Police are investigating an incident in Calgary where a man was arrested for having left his 21 month-old son unattended in a car for over six hours while he gambled in a casino. The child was found after he was heard crying and rescued from the locked car by local firemen while the temperature outside was approximately -8C.

                Firefighters retrieved the boy from his car seat in the back of the car in the Silver Dollar Casino’s parking lot just after midnight, responding to a call the child had been crying. A firefighter managed to pry open the from passenger door.

“As soon as they got in, the baby started reaching out to the firefighter,” said fire department public information officer, Jeff Budai.

The firefighter unbuckled the little boy from his car seat and carried him to the warm fire engine, where the toddler was given a little stuffed animal.

"In no time, they had him giggling. They entertained him for 10 or 15 minutes and then (the police) and EMS showed up," Budai said.

The 50 year-old father, who cannot be named because it would identify the toddler, allegedly covered the windows of the car so that the child would not be seen and occasionally left the casino to check on him. The child was found with no shoes and no socks on, and had vomited on himself. The man was arrested as he left the casino. The infant was apparently kept out of the father’s sight to avoid a conflict.

                The Calgary man has been charged with child abandonment which carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison. A Calgary and Area Child and Family Services spokesperson, Dawn Delaney, told the press that in cases where a child’s well-being is at risk, officials will attempt to first find a suitable member of the extended family to care of him or her.  The outcome will be determined by the ongoing investigation as to what the father was doing in the casino for the six hours that he had neglected his child.

                Calgary police spokesman Kevin Brookwell said officers are working with Calgary and Area Child and Family Services and still investigating to determine what the man had been doing for the six hours he was inside the casino.

                “The little boy is safe and doing well,” said Delaney when asked about the child’s welfare. She told officials that in a case where immediate family cannot care for the child, he or she may be placed into foster care. “We will continue to work collaboratively to determine where the best placement is for this little guy.”

                "The nature of addiction is that you make bad decisions and the object of desire supersedes everything else," said Robert Williams, who co-ordinates the Lethbridge Alberta Gaming Research Institute.

                Five other incidents have been reported since 2006 where a child was abandoned, three of which were incidents where the children were left behind in vehicles.

MGM Mirage Acquires Temporary Stay of Execution

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor
March 27, 2009

                MGM Mirage avoided filing for bankruptcy in its CityCenter project this week by making a $200 million funding payment and allowing construction of the project to continue while adding to the near $9 billion cost of the site.

                The payment made to the company’s lenders was approved and covered $100 million of which was owed by joint-venture partner Dubai World. Dubai World had entered into a lawsuit with MGM Mirage earlier this month claiming that a mismanagement of the project had lead to an overrun in costs. The million dollar payment has put at least one month’s stay on the company having to file for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization of the U.S.’s most expensive commercial development.

                “We are doing our utmost to see that this project continues, keeping thousands of Navadans employed,” said MGM Mirage Chairman and CEO Jim Murren. “We will continue to make every effort to see that CityCenter is completed and becomes an even greater economic driver for the region.”

                The introduction of CityCenter Casino and Resort may provide a vital asset to Nevada, which continues to struggle in the economic downturn with 26 percent of the state’s workforce in the casino industry. CityCenter workers are very excited to learn that they will remain employed. "Everybody was wondering what was going to go on, were we going to have jobs," Todd Greeley, a union laborer, said about the general feeling among workers when they arrived for work at 4 a.m. Friday. "Especially the way times are now."

                According to research in Las Vegas, the unemployment rate in Nevada stands at 10.1 percent and could increase to 11.1 percent if CityCenter were to close, laying off 8,500 construction workers on top of the 10,000 hired full-time for the casino resort. "What if MGM restructures and halts CityCenter, literally stops it? The short-run impact of those jobs could be really unpleasant," said Alan Schlottmann, economics professor at the University of Nevada. "If all of a sudden those guys aren’t spending money, what’s the economic multiplier?"

                Analysts are puzzled at Dubai World’s unwillingness to pay its portion of the debt. JP Morgan gaming analyst Joe Greff said that the company may have made this decision for one of three reasons. It either wishes to walk away from the project, sell its stake or it may not have the money to invest.

                "Based on today’s events, we have a tough time believing that Dubai World is trying to negotiate a bigger stake in the property," Greff said. "Dubai World still has to obtain at least one more form of Nevada gaming regulatory approval and we have to wonder how they would secure this if they are refusing to fund contractual equity stakes."

                CityCenter has in preparation of Dubai World’s not holding up its end of the bargain, hired bankruptcy specialists, Dewey & Leboeuf. The company is owned in a 50-50 partnership between MGM Mirage and Dubai World. Dubai World has not commented on the reason for its skipping its payment, but did say in statement, "Dubai World appreciates the support of MGM Mirage’s bank group and the CityCenter joint venture’s bank group in providing a waiver to its client that allows this payment."

EU Asks U.S. to Regulate Online Casino Gambling

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor
March 26, 2009

                In concluding its formal investigation against the United States, the European Commission issued a preliminary report that finds the U.S. laws on internet casino gambling are discriminatory and not “legally justified.” The findings in the report state that the treatment of foreign internet gambling operations by the United States blocks the market access for offshore companies and is a violation of the World Trade Organization rules.

                Late last year, the European Union sent a high level delegation to investigate claims that the U.S. Department of Justice has been and continues to discriminate against offshore online casinos and other gambling websites, violating international free trade agreements. Congress and members of the executive branch were visited by a team of E.U. investigators in September, headed by senior E.U. trade official M. Jean-Francois Brakeland, head of the European Commission’s dispute settlement office.

                "The European Commission investigation further highlights the need for the Obama Administration and Congress to regulate Internet gambling not only to protect consumers, but in order to restore integrity to the international trade system," said Jeffrey Sandman, spokesperson for the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative. "The Obama Administration should seek to forge a new direction on Internet gambling, rather than keeping in place a protectionist trade policy that hypocritically discriminates against foreign online gambling operators."

                When the formal investigation ended last month, EU representatives said that they would first attempt to negotiate with the United States rather than to take legal action. “The report next month will back the EU’s position, but the Commission intends to deliver its findings to Washington which it hopes will persuade the U.S. to start bilateral talks to find a solution without going to the WTO,” said the source. “A case would take a very long time tied up at the WTO…”

                EU Trade Commissioner Catherine Ashton has since asked that the U.S. begin to regulate and legalize internet casino gambling as a means of addressing the issue and comply with a global spirit of avoiding protectionist moves.  "It is for the US to decide how best to regulate Internet gambling in its market, but this must be done in a way that fully respects WTO obligations. I am hopeful that we can find a swift, negotiated solution to this issue," said Ashton.

                In addition the protecting youth in the U.S. with regulatory laws, which currently are not in place and result in several U.S. citizens illegally gambling on the internet, a regulated industry could generate as much as $51.9 billion in federal revenue over the next decade. The figures were the result of a study conducted under Congressmen Barney Frank and Jim McDermott.

                Representative David Blunkett MP of the UK Parliament commented, “"I fully support the call by the EU Trade Commissioner, Cathy Ashton, for urgent U.S. action to regularise the trade relationship, respect WTO rules and to regulate online gambling. This would provide not only fair competition, but protection for individuals and families, and a legal basis on which substantial revenue could be raised at a time of considerable pressure on public finances."